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Multi-parent populations in crops: a toolbox integrating genomics and genetic mapping with breeding

Following on from discussions at this meeting, we are pleased to share this open-access manuscript co-authored by the atendees that aims to summarise the state-of-the-art in multi-parental populations research:

Scott MF, Ladejobi O, Amer S, Bentley AR, Biernaskie J, Boden S, Clark M, Dell’Acqua M, Dixon L, Filippi C, Fradgley N, Gardner KA, Mackay IJ, O’Sullivan D, Percival-Alwyn L, Roorkiwal M, Singh RK, Thudi M, Varshney RK, Venturini L, Whan A, Cockram J, Mott R (2020) Multi-parent populations in crops: a toolbox integrating genomics and genetic mapping with breeding. Heredity https://doi.org/10.1038/s41437-020-0336-6

MAGIC 2019 - multi-parental populations workshop


UCL and NIAB are pleased to present MAGIC 2019: a free workshop on multi-parental populations with a focus on crop plants designed for academic and non-academic researchers and breeders.

We will present results from two MAGIC wheat populations developed at NIAB: MAGIC elite and MAGIC diverse. Population resources are available from the NIAB Resources webpage. In addition, there will be talks from partners working on multiparental populations at IRRI (Philippines) and ICRISAT (India).

Venue and Dates

MAGIC 2019 will take place from 23rd-24th July, 2019, and will be held at the NIAB innovation farm, Cambridge, UK. More information about the venue is available here, for directions see here.

If you are planning on bringing your own vehicle, please contact us so that we can arrange site access.

If you planning to travel via taxi from one of the recommended hotels, please contact us with your accommodation details so that we can arrange taxis to bring you to the venue.


We are pleased to announce an exciting line up of international speakers, see here. This website will be updated with any changes.


There are three hotels within 1-2 miles of the NIAB innovation farm. Please contact us with your accomodation details, we will facilitate taxi sharing from these hotels.

Travelodge Cambridge Orchard Park £73-£100/night

Premier Inn Cambridge £78-100/night

Holiday Inn Cambridge £144-157/night


To register your interest, please complete this short registration form. If you have any questions, please email m.f.scott[at]ucl.ac.uk, f.ladejobi[at]ucl.ac.uk, or James.Cockram[at]niab.com.